Appy Kids Co

Appy Kids Co. is a 100% natural drink for children sweetened with stevia and therefore low in calories and without sugar. It fits well in a healthy diet for children.

Appy Kids Co. is available in four different flavors of 200ml in pouch packaging with characters from, among others, Paw Patrol and Dora.

Daura Damm

Daura Damm is the result of a long process of research and development, carried out by master brewers and the Gluten Unit of the Spanish research team (CSIC). Using one of the most advanced technologies, they succeeded in making a beer with the same properties as ordinary beer, but with a guaranteed gluten content below 3ppm. With Daura, celiac patients can enjoy the taste of real beer, because it contains the same ingredients as an ordinary beer: barley malt - but now gluten-free. Since its introduction in 2006, Daura has been recognized time and time as the best gluten-free beer in the world, as witnessed by the many internationally recognized awards. Daura is a pilsner with an alcohol percentage of 5.4%, the Märzen is a double malt beer with an alcohol percentage of 7.2%. Daura Märzen has a strong body and is full & intense in taste.

Daura Damm is available in two different flavors of 330ml (glass).

De Olmenhorst

Made from fresh fruit - 100% organic & sustainable - Organic ingredients and organic production process. The orchards are certified organic; skal 7355 - Quality marks (Skal, Eko, Organic). During cultivation no artificialities are being used - De Olmenhorst products are without preservatives, colors or flavors. Suppliers of ingredients have been selected by the de Clercq family on the basis of strict quality requirements that De Olmenhorst strives for.

De Olmenhorst is available in five different flavors of 200ml, 1L (glass).

Original Long Drink

Hartwall Original Long Drink is a refreshing mix of gin (5.5%) and grapefruit and was invented for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. For the first time ever, Helsinki was going to be packed with visitors from all over the world. Since local restaurants didn’t have enough manpower to serve them, Hartwall brewery came up with an innovation: a cocktail in a can, easy to serve and ready to drink.

The drink was supposed to be served only during the Olympics, but Finns fell in love with it and the production has continued ever since. Today Hartwall Original Long Drink is the most sold alcoholic beverage in Finland. Many also call it ‘the national drink of Finland

Original Long Drink is available in one flavor of 330ml (glass and can).


The fruit juices from Looza have been made in Belgium since 1947 and have a great taste. The brand is now market leader in Belgium and part of PepsiCo.

Looza fruit juices are delicious on their own, but you can also perfectly use them as a base for cocktails and mocktails. Available in a distinctive/iconic packaging of 200ml and 1L in glass.


Maaza is the largest brand in tropical fruit drinks and is made from the natural fruit puree of the best fruits. The drinks contain no artificial colors, flavors or fragrances and have a pure juice content of at least 26%.

Maaza is available in different packages (1L Tetra, 50CL PET, 330ml PET, 330ml Glass and 330ml Tin) and 11 different flavors: Banana, Fruit Punch, Soursop, Guava, Lychee, Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Cocounut Water Mango, Tropical.

My Water

The water of MyWater gushes out from the White Mountains of Crete, from the Spring of the Therisso Municipality in Variptero, Chania, and brings freshness to your glass.

The historic village of Therisso is located in the north of the prefecture of Chania and southwest of the city of Chania. It was the seat of the Cretan revolutionaries in the 1905 revolution led by Eleftherios Venizelos. Nowadays, the building that was once the headquarters of Eleftherios Venizelos and the Therisso movement of 1905, houses the region’s Historical and Folklore Museum.

My Water is available in 330ml (PET).


In our modern times, life is fast and busy and at the same time challenging to live a healthy lifestyle. When making our drinks we have done everything that the healthy people find important.

The formula of our drinks was put together under the direction of dieticians and professionals in the field of healthy lifestyle. Our drinks not only contain healthy, carefully selected ingredients, such as chia and basil seeds, but also expectations of the most demanding customers, who will choose our drinks for a healthy life.

Naïve is available in three flavors of 500ml (PET).


OSHEE is a brand for active people and is the market leader in functional beverages in Poland. With a wide range OSHEE tries to inspire people to a healthy lifestyle. In the Netherlands, the OSHEE vitamin waters are available in 555ml and 0,75L(PET) in different flavors.


With Rose's Cordial Mixer® you can easily and quickly make all kinds of famous cocktails. Each cocktail offers the guarantee for consistent quality in taste.

The history of Rose's Lime goes back to 1867, where a lot of lime juice was drunk by the English merchants to prevent scurvy. Experience taught that the high vitamin C content could counteract this disease. In a trade agreement it was then mandatory to have lime juice on board, preferably Rose's Lime.

Rose's Lime is available in 0.57L and 1L (glass).


Naturally Different Scheckter's is a 100% organic energy drink. Delicious with only natural ingredients.

Organic pomegranate, elderberry, lemon, ginseng and the caffeine blend of guarana, green tea and green coffee extract give you a positive energy boost.

There are two different flavors of Scheckter's available in the Netherlands: Original and Lite (250ml).


It all started in 1972 at a small corner shop in Greenwich Village, New York. Three friends started selling an alternative natural carbonated soft drink under the name Snapple.

Snapple is made from the best stuff on earth and contains real fruit juice with only natural flavors and colors and no preservatives. The following cheerful flavors are available in a glass bottle of 473 ml: Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Kiwi Strawberry, Mango, Mango Passion Fruit and Peach Iced Tea.

Solan de Cabras

Solan de Cabras is mineral water bottled at the source in the Spanish nature with a perfect mineral composition of high quality. The optimal ratio between calcium and magnesium makes the water unique and fitting in a healthy lifestyle.

The refreshingly soft and neutralizing taste of Solan de Cabras makes dishes and wines stand out perfectly. For three consecutive years, the best taste has been judged by chefs and sommeliers; 'Superior Taste Award' 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Solan de Cabras is verkrijgbaar in 0,33L, 0,5L, 0,75L en 1,5L (PET). 1L (glas).


Bickery Food Group brings delicious Spanish Sangria in a trendy bottle; SUREO. Sureo is a soft sangria made from young red wine and Mediterranean seasonal fruit refined with a delicate blend of sweet spices. The age-old recipe of this Sangria is prepared by professionals from Spain.

Sureo is available in a stylish 0.33L bottle. It is an accessible drink with an alcohol percentage of 5.4%, an ideal aperitif on a summer day.

TABASCO® Spicy Tomato Drink

TABASCO® Spicy Tomato Drink is very different from the regular tomato juice that you have experienced so far. It is tomato juice prepared with the original TABASCO® pepper sauce! A little bit of spice on your shelf is never gone.

TABASCO® Spicy Tomato Drink is free of preservatives, does not contain alcohol and is suitable for vegetarians. You will only find natural ingredients in TABASCO® Spicy Tomato Drink, including tomato juice from 96% tomato juice concentrate, spicy herbs, TABASCO® Brand pepper sauce, lemon juice concentrate and a touch of Worcestershire sauce. It is the perfect 'spiced' tomato juice.

TABASCO® is available in two flavors of 0,75L (Glass).


Vinello is the first Italian line of quality wines offered in a 187 ml single-serve solution. Packaged in 100% recyclable PET, ready to drink and easy to carry.

The special hermetic heat sealing process and the vacuum technology in the glass by the modified atmosphere (worldwide protected and patented technology) maintains the quality of the wine until the consumption of the product remains unchanged.

Vita Coco

Not so long ago a machete needed a sip of pure coconut water. Fortunately, there is now Vita Coco Natural! The most thirst-quenching, refreshing, vitamin and mineral-rich coconut water made by mother nature.

Coconut water is always and everywhere in the taste! But to begin with, we notice that people prefer to drink coconut water: when they are on the road; before, during or after exercise; in a mixed drink; after a night out; in smoothies; and with the meal!

Perfect drink for when you want to get the most out of your day. 100% natural hydration and extremely healthy!

Vita Coco is available in two flavors: Original (330ml, 900ml, 1L) and Pineapple (330ml).