Foodies are always busy with food, they blog up pretty tasty and place the finest photos on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Also on television you can see an abundance of cooking programs and cooks are the new heroes nowadays. In short: Foodies rule the world! Whatever your preference is and what a treat you choose: this Foody package is guaranteed to be appreciated thanks to a balanced combination of Creamy, Crunchy, Fluffy, Sticky, Crispy, Cheesy, Salty & Sweety. A tasty, tasty line for the real food lovers!


Cocktails are back from never being completely gone. Logical, because these drinks are festive, colorful and creative. A good bartender conjures up exactly the taste that suits you with the right ingredients. Better sweet or just savory, spicy or creamy? With a firm bite or an alcohol-free mocktail?

You make the special bar feeling complete with the serving of various savory snacks and bits of bread. Also check out the golden combination with our Foodhall line. Cheers!

On Course

Who wants to stay on track has to work every day. Fortunately, you have a crew that you can count on all year round. You would like to do something in return, especially around the holidays.

For example with this tough On Course package. In it you will find all kinds of sweet and salty delicacies and a pea soup that is strong enough to endure a south-westerly storm. Also, an earthenware jug with an alcoholic drink for the crew is of course not missing. A moment to anchor to enjoy, they certainly deserved - but after that it is full power again!

Swinging Winter

From Bing Crosby and Dean Martin to Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé - who have not actually released Christmas carols? Many of these melodies and songs are still as attractive, cozy and enchanting after many years and are literally etched into our memory. You bet that you automatically hum or sing when you meet the Swinging Winter line. Not only are all these delicacies stylishly packaged in the classic seasonal colors red, gold and fresh white with green accents - they also refer to unforgettable hits. The best songs - you probably recognize them all!

Honest classic Christmas line that meets the nostalgic Christmas spirit. These products are also very easy to combine with and use as a color range. Red is warm red with the transition to standard Christmas red from the color range.

The Barn

Imagine yourself in a barn with The Barn. Enjoy a nice selection of products made with natural ingredients from the farmer, such as potatoes, corn, maize and pumpkin. Carefully sown and harvested with care. Within the Christmas parcel industry, there is increasing demand for organic and with The Barn, you as an employer can show that you value corporate social responsibility.


You are young, adventurous and prefer to spend your money on experiences rather than on possession.

The whole world lies at your feet - so what are you waiting for? Go on a journey and experience the enormous variety and grandeur of nature. Whichever wind direction you choose and wherever you end up, count on a sense of freedom and wonder. Seize the opportunity to experience new adventures, meet new people and get new inspiration. And you have a lifetime of pleasure from beautiful memories.

Explore and let's go somewhere!


Delicious. Selects, tastes, inspires! We are always looking for the best ingredients for and with the tastiest dishes and love to share our love of cooking. For everyone who likes really good food, a selection has been made with products to make a party out of every meal.

Wish Upon A Star

Stars have something magical. They sparkle, shine and illuminate the dark sky. If you see a falling star, you can make a wish for yourself or for another person. During the holiday month we decorate our house with stars for a festive atmosphere. They come in different materials such as paper, wood or metal, but also as sparkling lights for the ultimate Christmas feeling. A large diversity of stars shine on the Wish upon a Star products. The brilliance of our stars brings a festive atmosphere in warm tones and shiny silver. They radiate uninterrupted under the magical starry sky. Keep on sparkling with Wish upon a Star!

Outdoor Winter Party

It's 'Outdoor Winter Party' time. You do not want to miss this winter party. We do not let ourselves be stopped by a bit of snow or cold. Invite your family and friends, put on your warm winter coat, put the BBQ outside and put the firepit on. Make it comfortable with soft warm throws and cushions and provide festive lighting like lanterns, torches or trendy cottonball string lights. Put the burgers and brie on the grill. Warm the chocolate milk and pea soup in a pan over the fire and enjoy the conviviality and strong stories while enjoying a glass of winter glüh. This line is tough and the leather labels give a hip accent to the packaging. Let's have an Outdoor Winter party!

Touch of Gold

There is no color so festive and inextricably linked to Christmas than Gold! This Christmas season gold is even more exuberant than before. We add a 'Touch of Gold' to our packaging. Combining gold with white, atmospheric photography, natural backgrounds of white wood and fibrous paper creates a stylish and warm whole. The positive texts like 'There's a lot to share' and 'Little things make big days' in a handwritten font make this line friendly and optimistic. Unwrap at Christmas and give your employees this sparkling Christmas package with 'A touch of Gold'. In short; sparkle, cheers & enjoy

Feels Like Christmas

The December month is the best month of the year, and with a bit of luck there is even a small layer of snow. Outside it is cold and dark, but when you look through the window, you see the lights of sparkling candles, shimmering Christmas decorations and radiant Christmas lights. The window is decorated with a winter Christmas atmosphere or text from a Christmas classic. You automatically hum along with 'Driving home for Christmas' and 'It's the most wonderful time of the year'. You feel that it is warm and cozy inside and that you are welcome. This really feels like Christmas!

IL Sapore D'Italia

Italians are known as stylish and their sense of taste, quality and design can’t be beat. The Il Sapore d'Italia articles exude the distinctive atmosphere of Italy. It is the combination of typical Italian images in black and white with classy typography and a semi transparent label which makes this line unique. A line that will appeal to everyone and not least because of the delicious Italian specialties such as cantuccini, tapenade pesto rosso, tagliatelle all'uovo and a Limoncello. This typical Italian liqueur is made from the skin of the tastiest lemons and preferably served ice cold. Delicious as the end of the Christmas dinner or trendy mixed with tonic. Enjoy Il Sapore d'Italia!


The Netherlands at its best. A line with Dutch favorites such as apple crumble, chocolate milk with whipped cream, cheese balls and of course Dutch pea soup. The illustrations of typical Dutch scenes have a contemporary style and are drawn by hand so that they appear original and typical Dutch. In this collection you can see the Amsterdam canal houses, Alkmaar cheese carriers, a milkmaid, cake and zopie and of course also a mill. The decorations around the drawings are inspired by the unique Dutch cloudy sky. The combination of the contemporary style and the craftsmanship of the craft paper gives NL a new impetus. Dutch with a hip twist. Perfect to combine with craft, natural shades and black.


The Pinchos line exudes the cozy and informal atmosphere of a typical Spanish bar, where you will be surprised by a Flamingo dancer, the warm sounds of a classic Spanish guitar and the clicking of castanets. Where you can enjoy with your family and friends at large tables with bowls full of small creative snacks. The products are easy to combine with each other. For example, wrap the qualitatively beautiful Serrano ham around a breadstick and serve it in a festive glass. Or make a special combination of the cheese tips with the Serrano ham. For the ultimate Pinchos feel, do not forget the Pinchos taster! Pinchos. Muy bien!